We have analyzed the best advanced JavaScript courses online for learners looking to improve their JavaScript skills and knowledge.

We looked at what they teach, who's teaching them, the value of time and money, and whether they have hands-on projects.

Whether you're a pro programmer trying to get even better or switching to JavaScript from another programming language, our recommendations can guide you toward becoming a JavaScript expert.

Let’s dive in.


How We Choose the Courses

  • Structured Curriculum: Our evaluation focussed on well-organized courses with a curriculum that follows a logical progression—making it easy for learners to follow along and build their skills systematically.
  • Instructor Experience and Teaching Style: We assessed the instructor's background, including their industry expertise and how effectively they convey complex concepts to learners.
  • Content Quality and Depth: We focussed on the overall quality of course materials, including videos, readings, and assignments, as well as the depth of coverage for each topic.
  • Course Content and Relevance: How closely does the content align with current industry trends and real-world applications? This is one key area that defined our evaluation standard.
  • Value for time and money: When assessing the courses, we were keen to check the balance between the course's cost and its value regarding knowledge and skills gained to ensure that it's a worthwhile investment.
  • Hands-On Projects: Our evaluation ensures the courses we choose have hands-on projects or exercises that allow learners to apply what they've learned, reinforcing their understanding and boosting their practical skills.

JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts (Zero To Mastery)

JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts (Zero To Mastery)

With a 2023 update, this is one of the most in-depth online courses on JavaScript. Not just because Andrei Neagoie (one of the top JavaScript course creators on Udemy) teaches it but because it comes packed with crucial JS knowledge and helpful content. It explains why some FAANG companies recommend it as a reference material to prepare for interviews.

It’s a huge course and covers lots of advanced JavaScript topics. Here’s a snippet of the concepts you’ll learn by taking this course:

  • When and how to use the ‘this’ keyword
  • How to handle memory leaks in JavaScript
  • How JavaScript engine and runtime relate
  • Understanding execution context in JavaScript
  • How error handling works in JavaScript
  • And more

Why We Chose This Course

It’s well structured. It comes packaged with the instructor's experience from decades of working for top companies. It teaches beyond the basics by answering the ‘why’ question: why does this concept work this way? Why should you care about it in real-world scenarios?

  • Access to a live online community classroom (you rarely get this with other courses)
  • Ideal for developers in other web frameworks such as Angular, Vue, and Node.js. It deepens core JavaScript skills to help you tackle complex challenges with confidence
  • Teaches timeless concepts in the JavaScript ecosystem
  • Offers lifetime access (available with the lifetime purchase)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Course content is long (extends 25+ hours) and not ideal for someone who wants a quick JavaScript refresher
Last Update September 2023
Instructors Andrei Neagoie
Duration 27 hours

The course has three pricing tiers, including:

  • Monthly: Priced at $39
  • Annual: Priced at $279
  • Lifetime: Priced at $999
Certification Yes
Overall Score 4.75 / 5

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (Udemy)

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (Udemy)

JavaScript does have weird parts, and this course promises to demystify them. Led by Anthony Alicea, he’ll walk you through the confusing JavaScript parts and make them crystal clear. By the end of this course, you'll have a better handle on JavaScript's quirks and be well on your way to becoming a more skilled developer.

Besides learning how to avoid common pitfalls in JavaScript, here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • How advanced JavaScript concepts like closures, IIFEs, and prototypal inheritance work
  • How to debug advanced errors in JavaScript
  • Building your own JavaScript library or framework
  • How to write scalable, solid JavaScript code
  • And more

Why We Chose This Course

It suits developers who want to build JavaScript libraries. This means you’ll study the source code of other frameworks, such as jQuery, which gives you an upper hand in learning how JavaScript works under different implementations.

  • Available on mobile and TV
  • It is an ideal course for learners who want to excel in debugging. Anthony provides practical insights on writing more reliable code with fewer bugs
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • It doesn’t have a 2023 update
Last Update November 2022
Instructors Anthony Alicea
Duration 12 hours
Pricing Paid (Priced at $14.99. Please note price varies as this is a discounted price)
Certification Yes
Overall Score 4.75 / 5

Advanced Javascript (ui.dev)

Advanced Javascript (ui.dev)

For those fond of learning on platforms with interactive and vibrant UIs, this online advanced JavaScript course is your best fit.

Going by the reviews on the platform, this course follows a linear approach to teach you the fundamental building blocks of advanced JavaScript.

For the course content, you’ll learn how to build real-world scalable applications, including:

  • How to instantiate new objects in JavaScript using various patterns
  • How to achieve inheritance in JavaScript (ES5 and ES6)
  • When to use private and public class fields in JavaScript
  • Pros and cons behind JavaScript async patterns
  • And more

Why We Chose This Course

This course stands out because it offers a unique learning approach. It provides a variety of practice problems, some directly related to the course content (contextual) and others more general (non-contextual). This dual approach ensures you can apply your knowledge to specific and broader situations, improving your learning experience.

  • Ideal teaching style as Tyler condenses and explains the topics in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Much costlier than other alternatives on our list
Last Update Information not available
Instructors Tyler McGinnis
Duration 3 hours
Pricing Paid, Priced at $89 (Please note price varies as this is a discounted price). You can also choose their annual subscription for $297 (discounted price), giving you access to 8 courses.
Certification Information not available
Overall Score 4.5 / 5

JavaScript Deep Dive (Scrimba)

JavaScript Deep Dive (Scrimba)

Our fourth installment is an excellent JavaScript course from Scrimba taught by Reed Barger. While other courses teach by making you read through guidelines and complete coding challenges, this course takes a different approach; you learn as you practice. Even better, you practice everything on their built-in browser-integrated development environment (IDE).

The course content contains 112 interactive screencasts divided into 12 modules. You will learn how to:

  • Write idiomatic and efficient JavaScript code
  • Work with advanced JavaScript concepts such as design patterns, prototypes, and inheritance, among others
  • Use let and const over var
  • Shorten conditionals with ternaries
  • Merge objects with object spread
  • And more

Why We Chose This Course

It stands out for its comprehensive coverage of the language’s most essential concepts and its focus on building real-world applications. It’s also highly interactive, with numerous coding challenges and quizzes to help reinforce your learning.

  • Interactive IDE
  • Plenty of interactive challenges
  • The instructor offers clear breakdowns of the previous content before starting a new one
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited online reviews: Limited reviews may be available specifically for this course
Last Update Information not available
Instructors Reed Barger
Duration 14 hours
Pricing Paid, Scrimba has two pricing tiers:
  • Pro: Billed at $18 per month. It includes 77 hours of frontend career paths and courses.
  • Bootcamp: Billed at $600 (discounted offer) for three months, including everything in the Pro plan. You also get access to a dedicated study group, code review sessions, and teacher-led discussions not available in the free and pro plans.
Certification Yes
Overall Score 4.5 / 5

Deep JavaScript Foundations, v3 (FrontEnd Masters)

Deep JavaScript Foundations, v3 (FrontEnd Masters)

Our final course listing is one of the best online courses for intermediate and advanced JavaScript learners; it cuts across. It’s taught by one of the best software engineers—author of the popular You Don’t Know JS Yet book—in the web development space, so you can be sure you're learning from a true expert with a track record of excellence.

The course is exercise-driven, with numerous coding quizzes and challenges, which means you should get comfortable with coding a lot. You’ll learn a ton of things, such as lexical scope and closure, including:

  • How to convert JavaScript types
  • How to use coercion successfully in JavaScript
  • The best learning culture for Junior developers
  • Why use arrow functions and some of their drawbacks
  • And more

Why We Chose This Course

It’s the most comprehensive course in our guide. Not to mention, it’s taught by one of the most respected and experienced JavaScript authors and educators in the industry. Many software developers consider his book series one of the best resources for learning advanced JavaScript concepts.

  • Taught by a renowned instructor in the JavaScript space
  • You’ll learn how to write clean and scalable code
  • Doesn’t offer lifetime access. Your access to the course is tied to your subscription
Last Update April 2019 (Course publish date)
Instructors Kyle Simpson
Duration 10.5 hours
Pricing Paid, Frontend Masters has two pricing tiers:
  • Monthly: Billed at $39.
  • Annually: Billed at $390.
Certification None
Overall Score 4.5 / 5


We've explored a range of advanced JavaScript courses, each offering unique strengths.

We were overly impressed by Kyle Simpson’s Deep JavaScript Foundations, v3 (Frontend Masters), which stands out for its in-depth coverage and expert instruction, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to master advanced JavaScript concepts.

Additionally, JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts (ZTM) by Andrei Neagoie—while long—is a noteworthy option, catering to experienced JavaScript developers.

For more insights into frontend web development, check out our other posts on the site. These include:

Whether diving deeper into JavaScript or exploring other programming languages, we're here to help you on your learning journey. Happy coding.