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Fireship Youtube channel


If you already have experience in web development and want videos that are well explained, straight to the point, and with a touch of humor, fireship is the channel to go to.
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Learn With Jason Youtube channel

Learn With Jason

Learn with Jason regularly posts videos on how to learn something new about web development in 90 minutes of pair programming with different experts from the community.
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Web Dev Simplified Youtube channel

Web Dev Simplified

Web Dev Simplified is a channel to learn web development skills and techniques in an efficient and practical way, in its videos you will find both content for beginners and more advanced too.
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Color code Youtube channel


ColorCode is a channel with short and humorous video tutorials about HTML, CSS, Javascript, JS frameworks, and much more.
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Dev ed Youtube channel

Dev Ed

Dev ed is a good place to start learning with clear explanations on topics such as web development, web design, 3D modeling, and design software like Figma.
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Codegrid Youtube channel


Codegrid is a good Youtube channel if you already have knowledge of frontend technologies and your goal is to become a more creative developer, creating stunning animations and modern user interfaces with tools like GSAP.
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Traversy Media Youtube channel

Traversy Media

A channel not only for front-end developers but also for full-stack developers, it provides well-explained videos from the latest web technologies like React to the more basic ones like HTML.
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Code with Ania Kubów Youtube channel

Code with Ania Kubów

Ania Kubow's channel is the right one if you already have some previous experience and want to improve your skills creating retro games and awesome projects with frontend and backend technologies.
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FreeCodeCamp.org Youtube channel


FreeCodeCamp.org is one of the largest YouTube channels on programming, with a huge library covering most of the topics you can imagine about web-based technologies.
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The Net Ninja Youtube channel

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja with over 1000 videos is the right choice for learning web development skills with lists of short straight to the point videos covering a wide range of topics.
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DesignCourse Youtube channel


DesignCourse's YouTube channel periodically adds videos covering a wide range of topics such as UI/UX, Frontend and Backend development, Graphic Design, and much more!
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Academind Youtube channel


Academind has different tutorials to teach its viewers everything related to web development. From Javascript, NodeJS, Frameworks, popular libraries like ReacJS, Angular or VueJS, and much more.
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Techsith Youtube channel


If your goal is to pass your next job interview on Frontend technologies like CSS, Javascript, or React and you want to learn advanced topics in-depth, Techsith is a good choice for you.
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Colby Fayock Youtube channel

Colby Fayock

Colby is an expert frontend developer, in his channel the main topics he deals with are Javascript, React, and static web, it is a highly recommended channel if your goals are to learn these web technologies.
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Kevin Powell Youtube channel

Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell's channel is an excellent choice if your main goal is to improve your CSS and HTML knowledge, he brings us 2 videos every week of tips, tricks, and tutorials.
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Ana Tudor Youtube channel

Ana Tudor

If you are a CSS lover with good knowledge and want to take your skills to the next level, Ana Tudor offers a variety of videos creating art pieces only with CSS, only recommended for experienced developers.
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Coding Garde Youtube channel

Coding Garden

Coding Garden is a good place to learn web technologies in a project-based style, if you already have some experience as a developer and like coding live streams.
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UIdotdev Youtube channel


UIdotdev channel is mainly focused on teaching JavaScript technologies, a recommended option if you only want to focus on improving these technologies.
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Fun Fun Function Youtube channel

Fun Fun Function

although the Fun Fun Fun Function channel is discontinued for now, they have a lot of good and comprehensive material on Javascript programming, worth a look if this is your main goal.
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Coder Coder Youtube channel

Coder Coder

In the Coder Coder channel, you will find practical tips and quality tutorials explained with a good sense of humor for beginner web developers.
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LevelUpTuts Youtube channel


LevelUpTuts has been running since 2012 and with over 2000 videos is one of the largest video libraries on YouTube on topics related to Front-end development and UI/UX design.
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Jack Herrington Youtube channel

Jack Herrington

On Jack Herrington's channel, you will find everything from beginner to advanced videos on front-end development topics such as micro front-ends, React, Vue, and more.
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Clément Mihailescu Youtube channel

Clément Mihailescu

Clément Mihailescu has worked as a software engineer at Facebook and Google and co-founded AlgoExpert. He shares valuable content on his YouTube channel on how to pass coding interviews, he also has Front-end specific content.
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Alex Trost Youtube channel

Alex Trost

Alex Trost is the creator of Frontend.horse, a website to learn tricks from the best creative developers, in his Youtube channel you will find content similar to the web but in video format.
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Devsmak Youtube channel


The creator of the Devsmak channel, James, is a self-taught front-end developer with 8 years of experience in the field who shares his knowledge in his videos.
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James Q Quick Youtube channel

James Q Quick

James Q Quick's channel is a useful place if you want to know the latest and greatest in web development.
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Akshay Saini Youtube channel

Akshay Saini

Akshay Saini is a good channel to find front-end topics like javascript fundamentals, how to prepare for job interviews, and a lot of tips and tricks to advance your career.
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Dave Gray Youtube channel

Dave Gray

Dave gray shares his knowledge about the web development field. In his channel you can learn things like CSS, React JS, HTML, and more.
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Hitesh Choudhary Youtube channel

Hitesh Choudhary

Hitesh Choudhary's channel is not only for front-end developers but has a lot of useful material on JavaScript, frameworks like VueJS or NextJS, and much more.
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CSS Weekly Youtube channel

CSS Weekly

Although CSS weekly is a fairly new channel, it is from the creator of a reputable newsletter of the same name. In this channel you will find tips, how-to tutorials, tools, news, and much more from the world of CSS and front-end development.
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Aaron Jack Youtube channel

Aaron Jack

Aron Jack's channel has a lot of content related to software development, among them I highlight his videos on useful tips on topics related to getting a job as a software developer.
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Yuri Artiukh Youtube channel

Yuri Artiukh

Yuri Artiukh's channel is a good resource for creative developers, he has a lot of advanced content creating really impressive animations and 3d models with tools like three.js.
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Program with Erik Youtube channel

Program with Erik

If your main goal as a front-end developer is to specialize in Vue JS, in your list of favorite youtube channels you can't miss Program with Erik, a channel where Erik will teach you the ins and outs of Evan You's framework.
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Wrong Akram Youtube channel

Wrong Akram

Wrong Akram is a channel with useful tutorials on UI/UX design and front-end development, a good place for creative developers as it has quality content on creating web animations with tools like GSAP.
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Keyframers Youtube channel


Keyframers has live streams of collaborative coding creating creative user interfaces with stunning animation. A good resource if you want to improve your animation skills.
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Lee Robinson Youtube channel

Lee Robinson

If your goal is to learn React and Next.js, Lee Robinson's channel is where you should go, he has a React course called React 2025 that is highly recommended.
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