If you’re looking to get into web development, the Zero to Mastery (ZTM) course is an excellent and modern online bootcamp suited to the needs of the 21st-century developer. It’s one of the most highly rated bootcamps online, thanks to the team at ZTM led by Andrei Neagoie.

As passionate web developers who want to help learners master the modern tech stack, we’ve enjoyed reviewing this web development course first-hand.

And in this review, we’ll share our insights and impressions, delving deep into the exceptional curriculum, instructors, hands-on learning approach, pros and cons, and the invaluable skills you can gain.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of the Zero to Mastery Web Development Course

The lead instructor, Andrei Neagoie, has designed the ZTM web development course to be a comprehensive program that equips learners with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive as professional web developers. It focuses on modern technologies and industry best practices making it ideal for beginners and experienced developers looking to grow their skill set.

But the big question is: is it worth it?

The course exposes learners to various web development concepts, tools, and techniques. It provides a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript before learners can advance to more complex topics like databases, frameworks, and libraries.

Andrei also employs a hands-on approach in the course. This means learners engage in practical projects and real-world applications, gaining valuable experience and building a portfolio of their work.

But that’s not all.

One of the key strengths of the Zero to Mastery course is its flexibility. Whether you prefer a self-paced learning experience or would benefit from the guidance of instructors, the course offers options to suit your learning style. Resources and support are readily available, ensuring learners receive the assistance they need throughout their journey.

Curriculum Deep Dive

To master the modern web development full-stack, Andrei Neagoie divides the course into several key stages that are easy to digest and will get more advanced as you progress further into the course. These include:

1. Foundation in Web Technologies

Andrei starts the course by laying a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He'll help you gain a deep understanding of these core technologies that form the building blocks of the web. This knowledge will allow you to create well-structured web pages, apply beautiful styling, and bring interactivity to your projects.

2. Front-End Development

Moving forward, you'll dive into front-end development concepts and frameworks. You'll explore the latest trends in responsive design, understanding how to build layouts that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes. Additionally, you'll master popular front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI, empowering you to create stunning and user-friendly interfaces.

3. JavaScript Mastery

JavaScript is at the heart of modern web development, and Andrei promises to take your JavaScript skills to the next level. You'll explore advanced JavaScript topics, including the latest ECMAScript versions (ES6 to ES2022). This comprehensive coverage ensures you stay updated with the latest language features and programming paradigms.

4. Server-Side Development

The importance of server-side development in web development cannot be overstated. For this reason, Andrei teaches server-side development using frameworks like Express.js. You'll learn how to build robust, scalable, and secure server-side applications, understanding the principles of API design, routing, middleware, and database integration, all required to build powerful back-end systems.

5. Data Persistence

Understanding how to work with databases is crucial for modern web development. In the course, you'll explore PostgreSQL and SQL, learn to design databases, write efficient queries, and manage data effectively. This knowledge enables you to create and interact with databases, building data-driven web applications.

6. Full-Stack Development

Last but not least, the Zero to Mastery course also focuses on full-stack development, combining both front-end and back-end skills to create dynamic and interactive web applications. You'll learn how to integrate front-end frameworks like React with back-end technologies, enabling you to build complete and seamless user experiences.

7. Projects

The most efficient way to learn is through hands-on experience rather than passively watching endless tutorials. That's why an essential component of the ZTM course focuses on engaging in real-world projects that you will have the opportunity to build.

You will build 5+ projects that will enhance your learning and act as impressive additions to your portfolio.

Throughout the curriculum, Andrei places lots of emphasis on practical application. You'll engage in hands-on projects that simulate real-world scenarios. Ultimately, this allows you to apply the concepts you've learned and develop a portfolio that showcases your skills to potential employers.

Instructor and Support

Andrei Neagoie an experienced and dedicated instructor—is the brains behind the Zero to Mastery web development course. With his extensive industry knowledge and passion for teaching, Andrei brings a wealth of expertise to the course, ensuring a top-notch learning experience for every student.

Andrei's teaching style is highly praised by learners worldwide. Learners in different forum groups explain his knack for breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible chunks is highly commendable. His engaging and concise explanations and real-world examples help students grasp the material with clarity and confidence.

Furthermore, Andrei's commitment to his students extends beyond the video lectures. The Zero to Mastery community offers robust support channels, allowing learners to connect, collaborate, and seek assistance throughout their journey. You'll have the opportunity to join forums, chat groups, and online communities to engage with fellow learners, ask questions, and share insights.

The course support doesn't end there. Andrei and the instructional team actively participate in the community, providing valuable feedback and guidance to students. Whether you're facing a coding challenge, seeking clarification on a concept, or looking for project advice, the supportive community and instructor help you navigate any obstacles.

Pros and Cons

Like many online bootcamps, ZTM’s web development course offers learners many benefits.

But to make a more informed decision, we have to consider the positive and potential drawbacks of the course beforehand.


  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers various web development topics, ensuring you acquire a holistic understanding of the modern stack and gain practical skills in various areas.
  • Hands-on Learning: Through practical projects and real-world applications, you'll have ample opportunities to apply your knowledge, strengthen your problem-solving abilities and build a robust portfolio.
  • Experienced Instructor: Andrei Neagoie's expertise and engaging teaching style make the learning experience enjoyable and effective. His ability to break down complex concepts simplifies the learning process for students.
  • Supportive Community: The Zero to Mastery community fosters collaboration, providing a platform to connect with like-minded learners, seek guidance, and build relationships with fellow developers.
  • Flexibility: The course offers the flexibility to learn at your own pace, making it suitable for various schedules and accommodating different learning styles.


  • Self-paced Learning: While the flexibility of self-paced learning is a benefit, it may require self-discipline and effective time management skills to stay motivated and progress through the course.
  • Limited Instructor Interaction: Due to the large number of students, individualized instructor interaction may be limited. However, the supportive community and supplementary resources can somewhat compensate for this.
  • Rapidly Evolving Content: The web development industry evolves rapidly, and while the course strives to stay up to date, there may be occasional gaps in the coverage of the latest technologies or frameworks.
  • Limited Job Placement Assistance: While the course equips you with valuable skills, it does not guarantee job placement. It's essential to proactively leverage your portfolio, network, and additional job search strategies to secure employment opportunities.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The Zero to Mastery web development course has garnered numerous success stories and positive testimonials from students and reviewers who have benefited from its comprehensive curriculum and supportive learning environment. Here are a few inspiring stories from individuals who have embarked on this transformative journey:

"I was asked a lot of security questions at my interview with Tesla and I was able to answer them because of Andrei’s course: Complete Junior to Senior Web Developer Roadmap. I would recommend his courses to anyone who wants to learn web dev inside and out."

Olga Fomin, Software Engineer at Tesla

"Andrei is one of the best teachers & his courses were a big reason I was able to get internships at both JP Morgan and Amazon. UPDATE: I just got an offer from Amazon as a full-time engineer. I couldn't have done it without the foundations from ZTM."

Justin Lin, Software Engineer at Meta

"Andrei’s course helped me to ace my Frontend Engineer interviews at places like Uber, Amazon India and Gojek. Can't thank you and the ZTM community enough!"

Karan Verma, Software Engineer at Uber

These testimonials are just a glimpse of the many success stories from individuals who have transformed their careers through the Zero to Mastery web development course. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, the course provides a supportive and comprehensive learning experience that can propel you toward achieving your goals in the web development industry.


Is prior coding experience required to enroll in the Zero to Mastery web development course?

No, prior coding experience is not mandatory. Andrei has designed the course to accommodate learners of all levels, including beginners. The curriculum starts with foundational concepts and gradually progresses to more advanced topics, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace.

What sets the Zero to Mastery course apart from other online web development courses?

The course stands out for its modern and up-to-date curriculum that covers a vast range of web development technologies, concepts, and practices. The emphasis on hands-on learning, practical projects, and real-world applications sets this course apart from other web development courses. In addition, graduates who’ve taken this course have moved on to work for some of the biggest tech companies worldwide, like Tesla, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, IBM, and UNIQLO, among others.

How long does completing the Zero to Mastery web development course typically take?

The duration of the course can vary depending on individual learning pace and commitment. On average, learners complete the course within a few months while dedicating several hours each week. The self-paced nature of the course allows for flexibility in scheduling and completion.

Is any ongoing support available after completing the Zero to Mastery course?

Yes, the Zero to Mastery community offers ongoing support even after completing the course. Learners can join forums, chat groups, and online communities to seek guidance, ask questions, and connect with fellow developers. Additionally, the course instructors provide assistance and feedback to help learners continue their learning journey.

Will completing the Zero to Mastery course guarantee me a job as a web developer?

While the Zero to Mastery course equips learners with valuable skills and knowledge sought after in the industry, job placement cannot be guaranteed. However, the comprehensive curriculum, practical projects, and hands-on experience gained during the course will significantly enhance your employability and help you stand out in the job market.


The Zero to Mastery web development course is a comprehensive and highly acclaimed program offering a transformative learning experience. With an extensive curriculum covering essential web technologies and practical projects to reinforce skills, this course provides a solid foundation for aspiring web developers.

Under the guidance of Andrei Neagoie and with the support of a vibrant community, you’ll receive the necessary resources and assistance to thrive. Positive testimonials and success stories affirm the course's effectiveness in empowering individuals to achieve their goals.

By enrolling in this web development course, you open doors to exciting opportunities and gain the skills needed for a rewarding career in web development. Embrace the journey, unlock your potential, and embrace a future filled with possibilities.