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2023 JavaScript rising stars

JavaScript Rising Stars 2023 is here. Dive into the top trends that shaped the JS ecosystem last year, from notable projects like shadcn/ui to the impactful React Server Components.

🎓 Learning

Background size zooming with scroll driven animations

CSS-driven scroll animations represent the upcoming trend, and this tutorial explores a clever approach that utilizes scroll position as a timeline for implementing zoom effects.

A rotating word wheel interaction

Unlock the secrets of building a scroll-based 'Word Wheel' menu in React through this comprehensive tutorial.

Variable fonts for developers

Explore variable fonts through a collection of experiments, effects, and expert insights by Mandy Michael.

🛠️ Tools

The AHA Stack

An Astro, htmx, and Alpine.js stack to simplify your workflows, send HTML over the wire, and streamline development without heavy JS.

Moodboard Creator

An AI tool that transforms branding projects by effortlessly generating stunning moodboards.

The Epic Stack

Tired of endless choices of web development tools? Kent C. Dodds presents The Epic Stack, a reference and starter guide to Full Stack applications that puts an end to paralysis by analysis.


A library of lightweight, scalable Lottie animations for your website, apps, social media, and presentations.

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