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Astro 4.1

Astro 4.1's latest update brings new features and improvements, including enhanced accessibility audit rules, a refined 'client:visible' directive, and advanced options for custom cookie encoding/decoding.

Top Pens of 2023 on CodePen

Explore CodePen's Most Hearted Pens of 2023, showcasing a diverse array of creative and innovative coding projects.

🎓 Learning

Designing better target sizes

An interactive guide by Ahmad Shadeed on enhancing target sizes in UI design. Learn about the principles of accessible target sizes, Fitt's Law application, and practical examples to improve user interaction on various devices.

Using heaps of cutting-edge CSS features to build a progress indicator

Explore the creation of a dynamic progress indicator using advanced CSS features like animation-timeline, trig functions, and the @property rule, with insights on progressive enhancement for browser compatibility.

Taking a closer look at @property in CSS

Dig into the ins and outs of the @property rule in CSS, including type checking, default values, and inheritance behaviors. This comprehensive guide delves into practical applications for design systems and animations.

How I'm writing CSS in 2024

Discover the evolution of CSS in 2024 with Lee Robinson's blog, highlighting new features, tools, and frameworks for optimized performance and enhanced developer and user experiences.

A global design system

Brad Frost's blog post, 'A Global Design System,' advocates for a universal library of UI components to enhance web experiences worldwide. He discusses the efficiency and potential impact of such a system on web accessibility and developer productivity.

🛠️ Tools

Animated Icons

Enhance your web projects with over 1100 high-quality animated icons. Easily customizable to match your brand, and available for free download in multiple formats.


Tola offers a streamlined solution for managing invoices, enabling users to easily pay bills, send payment links, and take control of their cash flow.


Discover a unique collection of AI-generated design assets, updated weekly and freely available for your upcoming projects.


A platform for effortless CSS-only loader design. Customize styles, colors, and behaviors with real-time previews.

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Engineer who can design • Ashby

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