🗞️ News

Next.js 14.1

Explore the latest updates in Next.js 14.1, featuring developer experience improvements, Turbopack enhancements, new image handling features, and advanced routing capabilities.

Astro 4.2

Discover Astro 4.2's new features, including experimental prerendering with the Speculation Rules API, improved routing priority, and enhanced accessibility rules for a better developer experience.

🎓 Learning

5 CSS snippets every frontend developer should know in 2024

Discover five crucial CSS snippets for 2024, :has() selector, subgrid layout, CSS nesting, balanced text wrapping, and container query units, with practical examples for frontend developers.

The complex but awesome CSS border-image property

Delve into the intricacies of CSS border-image property with practical applications for UI designs, including tips for mastering its syntax and creative usage examples.

A practical introduction to scroll-driven animations with CSS scroll() and view()

Learn how to create engaging scroll-driven animations using CSS scroll() and view() functions with practical examples ranging from basic to advanced techniques.

Accessible notifications with ARIA live regions

Explore the intricacies of ARIA live regions for accessible web notifications. Learn about their roles, attributes, and practical implementation.

🛠️ Tools

What PWA can do today

Showcase website demonstrating the capabilities of Progressive Web Apps. A practical guide for installing and using PWAs on different devices, emphasizing their versatility and functionality.

Notion Calendar

Feature-rich, integrated calendar tool designed for both work and personal use. It offers capabilities like built-in scheduling, timezone management, and multi-language support.

API Hunt

Comprehensive platform for discovering over 500 APIs across various categories.

Domain Digger

Web-based tool for detailed domain information analysis. It offers DNS and WHOIS lookup services, providing extensive insights into domain-related data.

✨ Inspiration

💼 Jobs

Product Engineer (Frontend) • V7

£80k – £120k
Remote in Europe

Senior Frontend Engineer • Secfix

€50K – €78K
Remote in Europe

Frontend software engineer • KoBold Metals

$125k - $170k
Remote in US or Canada