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Zed is now open source

Zed, an advanced code editor from the creators of Atom, announces its transition to open source, promising community-driven enhancements and innovations.

🎓 Learning

12 modern CSS one-line upgrades

A guide to enhancing your CSS with 12 simple, one-line code improvements for a better user experience and design.

What is CSS motion path?

Unveils the simplicity of animating elements along custom paths using CSS, enhancing web designs with dynamic motion.

CSS blurry shimmer effect

A tutorial on creating a CSS effect that blurs and shimmers around elements, offering a unique visual enhancement for web interfaces.

Highlight text when a user scrolls down to that piece of text

Tutorial on creating scroll-triggered text highlight effects with CSS, enhancing readability and engagement.

Draw on scroll

A comprehensive tutorial on crafting an interactive scroll-based line drawing animation, utilizing the power and flexibility of SVG and CSS.

🛠️ Tools

Open SaaS

A comprehensive, open-source SaaS template combining React, NodeJS, and extensive features for rapid development and deployment.

Pricing page generator

Easily create custom pricing pages for React, Vue, and Shadcn UI projects with this intuitive generator.

Tailwind CSS button collection

A collection of Tailwind CSS buttons, offering easy integration with a simple copy-paste feature.

SVG Filter Maker

A tool for dynamically creating SVG filters with a graphical interface, simplifying the process of applying complex effects.

npm malware

Stay informed about npm malware with real-time alerts about malicious packages.

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💼 Jobs

Senior frontend engineer • Ethos

$120k - $201k
Remote in US

Senior web graphics engineer • Mojo

€90k - €110k
Remote in Europe