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jQuery 4.0.0 beta

Explore the enhancements, removal of deprecated features, and modern browser support in jQuery 4.0.0 beta.

Google Bard is now Gemini

Google Bard is now Gemini, offering advanced AI collaboration through a mobile app and the new Ultra 1.0 model.

Storybook 8 beta

Storybook 8 beta launched with major performance boosts, a new mobile UI, enhanced visual testing, and React Server Components support.

🎓 Learning

The most demanded frontend frameworks in 2023

Analysis of ~500k job offers to determine the demand and salary for React, Angular, and Vue, with React leading.

The web just gets better with Interop 2024

WebKit details the success of the Interop 2024 initiative, highlighting significant improvements in web standards and browser compatibility.

Basic dialog usage and gotchas to watch for

Insights into utilizing the <dialog> element in HTML, emphasizing its native modal functionality, styling, and common implementation pitfalls.

How to favicon in 2024

Streamlined approach for creating favicons, focusing on efficiency with minimal files for broad compatibility.

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A tool to discover keyboard shortcuts in popular applications in seconds.

Whimsical templates

Whimsical offers a wide array of templates for various project stages, designed to inspire and expedite your workflow.


WXT revolutionizes Chrome Extension development, offering a fast, open-source framework that simplifies building, testing, and publishing.

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💼 Jobs

Frontend engineer • Teal

$190 - $210k
Remote in US & Canada

Frontend engineer • Altruistiq

Competitive compensation