🎓 Learning

How to center a div

Explore multiple strategies for centering elements in CSS, from traditional methods to advanced techniques like Flexbox and CSS Grid.

A CSS project boilerplate

An insightful guide to creating a scalable CSS project structure using CUBE CSS methodology and Tailwind for efficiency.

The linear look

Examination of the distinctive tech SaaS web design trend, spotlighting dark themes, colorful glows, and sleek grids inspired by Linear's homepage.

The new CSS math: pow(), sqrt(), and exponential friends

An introduction to new CSS math functions like pow() and sqrt(), enabling more dynamic styling with basic mathematical operations.

Creating an animated 3D starfield effect

Step-by-step tutorial on crafting a captivating 3D starfield animation using JavaScript and the HTML canvas element.

🛠️ Tools


A Git client-enhancing workflow with simultaneous branch management, undo, squash, and quick commit features.


Jan is an open-source, fully offline ChatGPT alternative designed for desktop use, emphasizing privacy and local data handling.


Enhance your web projects with Glaze, a utility-based animation toolkit built on GSAP, for easy-to-implement, responsive, and sophisticated animations.


A comprehensive JavaScript library for date manipulation, offering simple APIs for formatting, parsing, and adjusting dates with timezone support.

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💼 Jobs

Senior frontend engineer • Fieldwire

$170K - $195K
Remote in US

Senior frontend engineer • Bonfire

Competitive compensation
Remote in Europe

Senior frontend engineer, Core • PandaDoc

Competitive salary
Remote in Poland, Portugal, or Ukraine