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React Labs: what we've been working on

Explore the latest innovations from React Labs, including the production-ready React Compiler and the introduction of Actions for enhanced data handling.

🎓 Learning

CSS :has() interactive guide

Delve into the CSS :has() selector with interactive examples to style elements by their child components.

CSS-only DVD screensaver animation

An inventive approach to recreate the nostalgic DVD screensaver using only HTML and CSS, showcasing the power of CSS animations.

What is utility-first CSS?

An in-depth discussion on utility-first CSS, its implications, and its comparison to traditional CSS methodologies.

View transitions: Handling aspect ratio changes

Jake Archibald details strategies for managing aspect ratio shifts during view transitions, enhancing visual consistency.

🛠️ Tools


Framer components inspired by Dieter Rams' design principles, offering a unique blend of form and function for digital projects.

Figma checklists

Guidelines for elevating Figma component quality, covering design and testing to ensure excellence.


A revolutionary search engine tailored for developers, enhancing coding efficiency with precise results.


Experience seamless coding on macOS with CodeEdit, an open-source, customizable editor for unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.

Figma to HTML website Webflow plugin

Streamline design-to-code workflows with the Figma to Webflow plugin, converting Figma designs into Webflow projects effortlessly.

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