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🗞️ News

Apple backs off killing web apps

Apple halts plans to restrict web apps, a win for open web advocates. The fight for a free, accessible web continues.

An HTML switch control

Safari 17.4 debuts a native HTML switch control, offering a modern, customizable option for on/off settings in web forms.

New to the web platform in February

February 2024 brings exciting web platform updates, including new CSS features and browser support enhancements.

🎓 Learning

MDN Curriculum

MDN offers a comprehensive curriculum for aspiring frontend developers, covering essential skills and best practices with a self-paced, free program.

JavaScript bloat in 2024

Exploring the unnecessary bulk of JavaScript across websites in 2024, highlighting the impact on performance and user experience.

The new CSS math: pi and other constants

Explore CSS's addition of mathematical constants like pi and infinity, offering designers precision and creative possibilities in web styling.

Exploring 3D effects with 2D optical illusions

Codrops offers a tutorial on creating 3D visual effects using 2D optical illusions with CSS and JavaScript.

Modern CSS tooltips and speech bubbles

Smashing Magazine provides a comprehensive guide on creating modern CSS tooltips and speech bubbles, focusing on usability and design flexibility.

Going beyond pixels and (r)ems in CSS

Brecht De Ruyte explores CSS container query length units, offering insights into responsive design beyond traditional sizing methods.

🛠️ Tools

Functional UI Kit

A comprehensive UI toolkit integrating Figma & React for seamless designer-developer collaboration, packed with best practices and accessibility standards.


NEAT offers stunning 3D gradients for website backgrounds, providing an easy tool to elevate web aesthetics with vibrant, customizable gradients.

Dead simple sites

A curated collection of minimalist websites, emphasizing simplicity over complex design and animations.

Mojo CSS

Discover Mojo CSS, the next-gen atomic CSS framework for crafting beautiful UIs effortlessly, enabling more with less code.

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Frontend engineer • Integral Treasury

$180K - $220K
Remote in North America

Frontend developer • VFX Financial

Competitive salary

Senior frontend engineer • Binance

Competitive salary