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WebKit features in Safari 17.4

Safari 17.4 brings 46 new features and 146 bug fixes, enhancing WebKit for developers and users.

Open-sourcing our progress on Tailwind CSS v4.0

Tailwind CSS v4.0-alpha unveils Oxide engine, ensuring up to 10x faster builds, reduced footprint, Rust integration, and innovative CSS-first configuration for modern web development.

🎓 Learning

Eloquent JavaScript 4th edition

Delve into the world of JavaScript and programming with "Eloquent JavaScript" 4th edition.

Modern CSS tooltips and speech bubbles (part 2)

Learn advanced CSS techniques for creating modern tooltips and speech bubbles with Part 2 of Temani Afif's series on Smashing Magazine.

Ultimate guide to visual testing with Playwright

Explore the comprehensive guide to visual testing using Playwright. Learn techniques to ensure your app's appearance stays consistent across browsers and devices.

Menus, toasts and more with the Popover API

Dive into the Popover API's versatility for UI components like dropdowns and tooltips, featuring flexible anchor positioning and seamless interaction.

🛠️ Tools

Bouncy Ball

Explore diverse web animation techniques through a practical comparison, making a ball bounce using Vanilla JS and various other methods.


Dive into Gradientor by Rodolfo Fanti. Move, click, scroll, and press SPACEBAR to craft & copy unique CSS gradients.


An open-source React.js library for advanced canvas shading, It includes components like Lumiflex, Zenitho, and Novatrix for diverse visual effects.


Transform your code snippets into visually appealing images with CodeSnap's editor. Perfect for developers aiming to enrich their digital content.

Open Graph examples

Explore a collection of Open Graph examples to enhance your website's social media integration and user engagement.

Lummi Photos

Discover top-tier, AI-created stock images and royalty-free photos for any project, available at no cost.

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