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Next.js 14

Explore the latest Next.js 14 release with Turbopack, faster local server startup, Server Actions, and more.

Select element: now with horizontal rules

Chrome 119 improves the select element with horizontal rule (<hr>) separators for enhanced user experience.

CSS text-wrap: pretty

Enhance text readability with Chrome 117's new CSS feature, text-wrap: pretty for preventing typographic orphans and widows.

Take the State of React survey

Explore the State of React 2023 survey, where you can learn about the latest developments in the React community, including React Server Components, and share your insights.

🎓 Learning

Solved by CSS Scroll-Driven Animations

Unlock CSS Scroll-Driven Animations for web development. Learn scroll velocity and direction detection on Bram.us.

How We Designed & Built a View Transition Demo

Discover the View Transitions API in web design with Astro and uncover the power of smooth page transitions in modern web development.

Changing Colors in an SVG Element Using CSS and JavaScript

Learn how to change the colors in an SVG element using CSS and JavaScript.

The Three Cs: 🤝 Concatenate, 🗜️ Compress, 🗳️ Cache

Optimize your web performance with insights on Concatenation, Compression, and Caching from Harry Roberts. Learn to improve user experience with efficient asset management.

🛠️ Tools


Explore the capabilities of Vectorpea's Online Vector Editor for editing vector graphics in formats like AI, SVG, and PDF files.


A platform for creating dynamic animations of your code, offering syntax highlighting, code diffing, and beautiful themes.


A tool for integrating like, upvote, and review components into your applications.


A collection of free, curated AI-generated images with their prompts.

✨ Inspiration

Cycling gradient glow

CodePen of a text with a glowing effect and a gradient color animation.

Wooden clock

CodePen with a meticulously crafted realistic wooden clock.


Website showcasing an all-electric travel trailer with stunning photography and captivating scroll animations.

Background Slider

Codepen featuring a slider with an attention-grabbing parallax effect using Swiper.

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