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2023 Design Tools Survey

You can already participate in the 2023 Design Tools Survey to share and discover design tool insights.

Astro 3.4

Explore Astro 3.4's new features, including page partials, image optimization performance, and an experimental dev overlay.

Remix support for Vite (unstable)

Experience blazing-fast development with Remix v2.2.0 and Vite. Discover the speed and benefits of this integration for your web projects.

CSS prefers-reduced-transparency

Optimize UI for Chrome 118+ users who prefer reduced transparency with the CSS 'prefers-reduced-transparency' media query.

🎓 Learning

Answering common questions about interpreting page speed reports

Discover why different performance tools yield varying results in performance scores and core web vitals.

The new CSS math: rem() and mod()

Explore the new CSS Math functions rem() and mod() and their application in web development.

Learn performance

Embark on a comprehensive guide to web performance with Learn Performance at web.dev. Optimize loading speed and user experience through expert insights on HTML, images, responsive design, and more.

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An ever-expanding icon library designed for Figma and the web, offering a varied collection of standard icons for modern UIs.

Geist font

A typeface expertly created by Vercel for developers and designers, offering monospace and sans versions to enhance readability and adaptability in coding environments.


Simplify and elevate your survey creation with an open-source, user-friendly form builder.

✨ Inspiration

Spell caster

CodePen of a 3D horror game with impressive animations and sound effects created with GSAP.

Ghost illustration

Code snippet showing an illustration of a ghost with draggable animation and producing sounds when double-clicked.

Anchor positioning cards

Code fragment showing a group of cards with an eye-catching hover animation.

Pure CSS gravity button

CodePen showcasing a button with a captivating gravity animation created solely with HTML and CSS.

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Senior frontend engineer • Parloa

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