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Explore the new hub for Angular development. Discover tutorials, an innovative playground, and be part of the Angular renaissance.

FigJam AI

Experience the power of AI in FigJam, Figma's visual collaboration platform. With new AI-based features, effortlessly generate templates, summaries, and organized brainstorming sessions.

GitHub Universe 2023

Step into Universe 2023 and witness GitHub's evolution into an AI-driven platform, introducing Copilot Chat, advanced AI security, and the Copilot Partner Program.

React components for the Maps JavaScript API

Unveil the alpha release of a new React library by Google Maps Platform, unlocking simplified integration of Maps JavaScript API components in React applications.

🎓 Learning

Why you should use px units for margin, padding, & other spacing techniques

Learn why opting for px units in CSS for margins and paddings is crucial, impacting responsive design and accessibility differently to relative units.

Understanding Accessibility

Your essential guide for inclusive web design principles. Explore colors, typography, media, layout, and development facets to create a seamless online experience for all.

Surprising facts about new CSS selectors

Dive into the most recent insights about novel CSS selectors—'is,' 'not,' 'has,' 'where,' and '&'—revealing their functionalities and offering a deeper understanding of these new selector types.

CSS nesting is here

Discover how the arrival of native nesting support in major browsers is changing CSS coding practices and explore its potential impact.

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Turn your JPEG and PNG images into scalable SVG vectors using AI-driven technology.


A modern monospaced type system comprising five variable axis fonts created by GitHub Next.


Sampld presents its newest version 2.0, providing free, royalty-free sounds for your music and content creation needs.


Over 100 vibrant, colorful, abstract vector shapes available in SVG and PNG formats, designed on a 40px grid.

✨ Inspiration

Rolling check toggle

A code snippet showcasing a toggle switch with a unique checkmark animation on the handle.

Tilt-shift blur effect

Code fragment displaying an image with an attention-grabbing blur effect, following the cursor.

Ollivere portfolio

Explore Oliver's portfolio to get inspired by engaging storytelling and beautiful animations.

Crazy pumpkin

A visually engaging 3D horror web game featuring a pumpkin collecting sweets and dodging hazards, built using Three.js.

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JavaScript frontend engineer • FICO

Highly competitive compensation
Remote in Europe

Frontend software engineer • Dropbox

$123k - $253k
Remote in US