🗞️ News

Vite 5.0

Vite 5.0 arrives. Enhanced with Rollup 4 for better performance, streamlined features, and improved tooling.

CSS nesting relaxed syntax update

Explore the recent CSS syntax update in Chrome 120, enabling nesting of bare element tag names.

🎓 Learning

Intro to shader

Discover the basics of shaders in web development with a free 6-part email course.

The web can do what!?

Explore an interactive list of modern web capabilities curated by the Chrome for Developers team.

67 weird debugging tricks

Dive into 67 JavaScript debugging hacks, from conditional breakpoints to performance profiling. Master advanced techniques to supercharge your browser's debugging prowess effortlessly.

HTML web components

Uncover the shift in web development strategies from replacement to enhancement within Jim Nielsen's breakdown of HTML web components, fostering a resilient and evolving web.

Modern frontend testing

Insights from Defined Networking about the evolution of frontend testing with Vitest, Storybook, and Playwright.

🛠️ Tools


Create responsive typography scales, preview their appearance on a sample website, and seamlessly generate the necessary CSS.

CSS ribbon shapes

A collection of Ribbon Shapes crafted using only CSS. Easily personalize each one with CSS variables.


An extensive library of high-quality, royalty-free AI-generated stock photos.

✨ Inspiration

Dropping radio buttons

A code snippet showcasing a list of radio buttons with a captivating stretch animation when switching between items.

Button with animated gradient

A code fragment for a button featuring a subtle yet beautiful animated gradient.

Encrypted Password Reveal

A CodePen example with a password input field. It includes a creative eye icon that follows your cursor and a smooth reveal password animation.

View Transition Morphing Form

A piece of code for a notification button that opens an email input field, showcasing captivating opening and completion animations.

Barber Hauler Capital Advisers

An inspiring financial-themed website with beautiful typography, subtle colors, and captivating scroll reveal animations.

💼 Jobs

Frontend engineer • Stripe

€56k - €103k
Remote in Spain

Senior frontend developer • Palta

Competitive salary

Senior frontend Developer • Agreena

Competitive compensation
Remote in Europe