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SvelteKit 2

Celebrate SvelteKit's anniversary with the launch of SvelteKit 2. This update brings Vite 5 support, shallow routing, and sets the stage for the highly anticipated Svelte 5 in 2024.

Baseline on Can I use

Can I Use now features Baseline badges, providing quick insights into web feature support.

What's new in DevTools (Chrome 121)

Chrome 121's DevTools update refines debugging and performance, adds useful tooltips, and improves accessibility.

🎓 Learning

Quantity queries are very easy with CSS :has()

Harness the power of CSS's :has() pseudo-class for quantity queries, dynamically styling elements based on their child quantity.

Correctly configure (pre) connections

Harry Roberts' CSS Wizardry piece dissects preconnection setups for website optimization, using BBC News as an example.

Creating an interactive mouse effect with instancing in Three.js

Unlock the power of Three.js Instancing in this comprehensive Codrops tutorial. Learn to create mesmerizing interactive mouse effects, optimize GPU performance, and efficiently render countless objects.

Exclusive accordion

Craft accordions using HTML <details> elements with the same name attribute. This feature allows one open section per group, enhancing content organization and user navigation.

🛠️ Tools

GitHubUnwrapped 2023

Remember your programming journey in 2023 with a personalized video showcasing your GitHub activity throughout the year.


A React framework harnessing React Server Components (RSCs) for server-side rendering, prioritizing a minimal API for flexible feature integration. It's built on Vite for enhanced performance.


AI-driven Git client for Mac that streamlines Git tasks, allowing you to focus on coding.


Transform prompts into nearly complete websites directly within Figma.

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Frontend engineer • Vimeo

$105k - $160k
Remote in US