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Figma and Adobe abandon merger project

Figma and Adobe ended acquisition plans due to regulatory challenges.

Midjourney v6

The alpha release of Midjourney v6 is now available, featuring significantly improved prompt accuracy.

Tailwind CSS v3.4

Tailwind CSS v3.4 is here, bringing dynamic viewport units, :has() support, balanced headlines, and more.

New to the web platform in December

Discover the latest browser updates from December 2023, including exclusive accordions, CSS selectors, the CloseWatcher API, and more.

🎓 Learning

Container queries and units

Explore the power of container queries, revolutionizing web design by allowing styles based on element size, not just browser width.

Getting started with web performance

Discover the secrets of web performance with Alistair Shepherd. Uncover key metrics, expert tips, and tools to turbocharge your website's speed.

How do you vertically center an element in CSS?

Master vertical centering in CSS without relying on flex or grid containers, thanks to the align-content property.

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LogoFast is a free AI logo maker. Create decent logos in seconds without needing design skills.


Unleash the power of AI with an SVG generator that effortlessly transforms your text into SVG images.


Enhance Bootstrap 5 effortlessly with NinjaBootstrap's SCSS utilities, adding essential classes for standout designs without extra CSS hassle.

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Senior frontend engineer • TheyDo

Competitive compensation
Remote (CET +/- 2)

Senior frontend engineer • ServiceNow

$119k - $204k
Remote in US or Canada

Frontend engineer • Resourcely

Competitive salary
Remote in US