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Vue 3.4

Explore faster parsing, improved reactivity, and API improvements in the latest Vue release for a smoother development experience.

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A 100-day course with 30-minute daily lessons to master your AI knowledge.

Frontend predictions for 2024

Explore the highlights of 2023 and predictions for 2024 in frontend development.

Never underestimate HTML

Lara Aigmüller challenges HTML and frontend misconceptions, highlighting the importance of strong frontend skills for enhanced user experiences.

Making sense of “Senseless” JavaScript features

Discover the quirky sides of JavaScript and how they found their way into the language. Learn tips to avoid these peculiarities when writing your code.

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Logo maker

Craft a unique and professional logo effortlessly using this logo maker with 200,000 SVG icons.


Create versatile React + Tailwind CSS components in a single line using TWC. Enjoy features like autocompletion, style adaptation based on props, and seamless React Server Components compatibility.

Use minimal

A diverse collection of minimalist printable calendars, habit trackers, and planners. Accessible in 31 languages, various sizes, and formats for easy downloading.

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Senior product engineer (frontend) • Sequence

£75K – £110K
Remote (GMT +/- 5)